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Given the opportunity to provide your bedding needs, we will do our best to accommodate your request and provide the highest level of service required

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Our commitment is to produce the most durable, comfortable and affordable mattress. Our policy is to deliver your order within (24 / 48 hours) from the time it was placed.

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About Us

Spring Pedic Inc. which is based in Los Angeles, California, was established in 1986 by Isabel Cuevas and is still a family business, run by Isabel and his son Ricardo Cuevas.

 Since 1986, Spring Pedic has developed a well-earned reputation for offering a wide variety of quality mattresses, all at affordable prices. You'll always find the selection and service you demand at a price you deserve. Through all these years we have provided great service to all of our customers, most of the orders are shipped within the next day or two. Give us the opportunity to provide all your bedding needs and we will do our best to give the attention, that you deserve as one of our customers.

Our Mission

Our production department is well trained in adding the appropiate components to all the beds. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated throughout our broad spectrum of bedding as only the finest fabric available in the market is used during the manufacturing process. Our fabrics are made with superior quality contents and are quilted with the finest foam available.

Our philosophy of delivering the latest styles affordably inspires everything we do. Together with our customer-first service, it's easy to see why Spring Pedic has something for everyone - and always at the most affordable rate.

For nearly 27 years, our family has provided well-built, quality mattresses to the people that live in the West Coast of the United States. Spring Pedic is a manufacturer and distributor of premium quality and affordable bedding offering a premium product and service ever since then.

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